Lavender in old handkerchiefs

8 maj, 2013

This is an idea I have had for a while and yesterday I realized it on the balcony in the evening sun facing the ocean… The lavender smelled delicious, the sun was shining, the ocean sparkled and the kids was happily occupied with their own projects. In short; a great evening!


I love the smell of lavender and an extra plus is that it is said to keep your closets free from bugs and bad smell – could it get any better?

Want to do this DIY, you´ll need: A sewing machine, thread, a pair of scissors, lavender (dry), a handkerchief  and a ribbon for the bow.


DIY: Fold the handkerchief once. Cut the folded handkerchief on half. Sew the edges to make it a bag. Put the lavender in the bag and close the bag with a bow made of the ribbon. Voilà – your lavender bag made of an old handkerchief is done!

All the best! / Nina




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