I love – Malmöfestivalen (no 3)

10 augusti, 2013

This is sneak-peak number 3, of what I am making for this years edition of Malmöfestivalen. This years theme of the festival is paper and I have been making paper-DIY-pieces to show as 6 big posters at the festival as well as DIY-posts on the blog… I am thrilled to tell you that my talented friend Jens Klevje from the creative Visual Bureau has taken all the photos for the big posters in the exhibition at Palladium. In this link you can read more about when and where to look for my stuff and at this link: Malmöfestivalen you will find what else to see and do at the festival…

Yesterday I had the day of from my work as a coordinator to fix things and check out the test-print…

All the best! /Nina


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