DIY – pillow made like a knot

8 september, 2013

This pillow is made from this free pattern from

I used the knitted tube you might remember from posts like this and this. I filled the knitted tube with some stuffing from 2 old pillows and I had to ask Simon for help with the knot. Thanks for the help darling!

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  1. Laura skriver:

    What size of knitted tubing did you use? and how much of it?

  2. Sigrid skriver:


    I’ve been wanting to make a pillow like this for some time now. How long was the piece of knitted tube you used? And where do you find a knitted tube like that, because I’m not to keen on knitting it myself ;-)


  3. Helena skriver:

    It is a great Work. How did you put stoff inside the tube? Where can I get a detailed instruction on how to make it?

    • Nina skriver:

      I just ”wrinkled” the tube to put in stuff far in and continued from both ends until it was all filled. You´ll se step by step in the post how to do it or translate the free download pattern you´ll find as a link in the post. Good luck! <3 Nina / Coloritpink

  4. tammy skriver:

    i love making these i made a heart not and 1week later it was on the internet

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