DIY – paper garlands made of old books

15 augusti, 2013

These garlands are made of pages from old books (Cia, whom I started with, used the hardbacks from the books for this project and all of the soft insides was leftover laying on a shelf in the studio until now). This is one of many posts with paper-DIY I made during the summer specially for the Malmöfestivalen 2013 (lots more to come… ). Check out my stuff at Palladium during the festival, 16-23 of August.

You need: book pages, a pair of scissors, a staple machine and a lot of staples.


DIY: Cut the pages in stripes.garlands3

Make a ring of one of the paper stripes and secure it with a staple. Put another stripe through the first ring, make a new ring and secure it with a staple…


I have done lots and lots of these with a little help from Nea and Hedvig. Thanks girls!garlands6

Continue until your garland is as long as you want it…garlands5

You can do so many things with garlands… Hang them as a backdrop for photos at a party…


Or make a garland-lamp…


Have fun! Lots of love! / Nina



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