DIY – paper flowers and paper vases

15 augusti, 2013

These flowers and vases made of paper string , is one of many posts with paper-DIY I made during the summer specially for the Malmöfestivalen 2013 (lots more to come… ). Check out my stuff at Palladium during the festival, 16-23 of August.

You need: Flowers like in this post with stalks like in this post, some glass jars, paper string and a small drop of super-glue.


DIY: Make the flowers, take your jar and the string and do like in this post to get the vases ready.

vaser7 vaser5

On these jars you vill only get one visible knot. To be sure it won´t open i put just a tiny drop of super-glue on it to secure it.

pappersblomma pappersblomma3


Have fun! Lots of love! /Nina

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