DIY – paper flower with a stalk

4 augusti, 2013

This is how you make the stalk to the flowers you have seen in thisthisthis and this post…

You need: A flower like in this post, a stick, a par of scissors, green crepe paper and green wasi tape.

stalk1DIY: Put a leaf close to the flower (if you don´t have one there yet). Tape the stick to the flower, but not to high – you want to be able to bend the upper part of the flower. Cover the upper part of of the stick with tape. Continue the procedure with more leafs… stalk3When all the leafs are in place it´s time to cover the hole stick. I put tape on it like in the picture below and sort of twist the stick between my fingers. You need less tape and it is quicker. stalk5stalk6stalk7

Lots of love! /Nina


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