DIY – lego mask

5 oktober, 2013

Eno had his 6th Birthday party today and the theme of the day was…. LEGO. So here comes the first of a couple of DIY on the theme.

You need: A photo of the lego figure you like to use as a mask, a printer, paper, some carton, textile robber bands, a hammer, a pair of scissors and two sizes of punches (one bigger for the holes in the eyes and one smaller for the holes where you thigh the textile rubber band).

DIY: Find a photo. Print it out. Glue it on cartoon if the paper is to thin. Cut out the mask with your scissors. Punch the holes and thigh the textile rubber band . Done – have fun!


I printed on thin paper and had to glue on some hard paper on the back.


If you glue on different colors on the back you can keep them apart and remember witch one belongs to whom. Lots of love! / Nina



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