DIY – crepe paper flower

18 juli, 2013

You will se a lot of this crepe paper flower on the blog this summer…

To do it yourself you will need: Crepe paper, a pair of scissors, wasi-tape, wire, pliers and the pistil-things.


DIY: cut out the petals and the leaf with the scissors and twist them like in the picture below. I make three dubel-petals and two single longer with a stalk and one leaf.





Then make the pistils by bending them and thigh them together with the wire…

blomma11 blomma12


Thigh the dubbel-petals to the pistils with the wire…

blomma7 blomma6

Take the wasi-tape and cover the stalk…


Put the leaf on with some more wadi-tape…


Done! Enjoy your flower!


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