DIY – crazy starship/clown present made of wallpaper

14 augusti, 2013

This star hip/clown present made of wallpaper, is one of many posts with paper-DIY I made during the summer specially for the Malmöfestivalen 2013 (lots more to come… ). Check out my stuff at Palladium during the festival, 16-23 of August.

You need: A thick paper (I used some wallpaper that I have splashed paint on), silk paper for the tassel, a sewing machine, a pair of scissors and some thread.

paket_strut1DIY: Fold the paper as an triangle, sew the long side together.  paket_strut2Join all the sides and sew them together (AFTER putting in the actual present!!!). Leave a small hole in the top for the tassel. paket_material_toffsMake the tassel with some silk paper.paket_strut3Secure the tassel and seal the package. Done – you are ready to surprise someone… Lots of love! /Nina



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