DIY – collar made of paper straws and string

13 augusti, 2013

This collar made of paper straws, is one of many posts with paper-DIY I made during the summer specially for the Malmöfestivalen 2013 (lots more to come… ). Check out my stuff at Palladium during the festival, 16-23 of August.

You need: string or thread, paper straws and a pair of scissors.

collar_bag_materialDIY: Cut each straw in 4 pieces. Take two piece of  string (approximately 1.5 meters). Thread 14 pieces of straws on the strings and make a knot. (You might want it bigger or smaller, the imortant thing is to have an even number of straws.) Take 26 pieces of string (approximately 0.5 meters) and fold and thigh a knot with 2 strings in between every other 13 straws as seen in the picture below.krage1When it looks like this it is time to make the ”pattern”. On the strings from every knot you put two pieces of straws like in the picture below and make a knot with the straw from the knot besides. Make shore to be systematic and make all the knots in the first row before working your way down.krage2When you have repeated that two times around it all it is time to finish.krage3Make a steady knot and put two more strings on each knot to make the tassel thicker and nicer. Finally you cut the tassels to a length you like and try to make them even.kragen

Lots of love! /Nina

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