DIY – bag made of paper straws and strings

14 augusti, 2013

This bag made of paper straws and strings, is one of many posts with paper-DIY I made during the summer specially for the Malmöfestivalen 2013 (lots more to come… ). Check out my stuff at Palladium during the festival, 16-23 of August.

You need: string or thread, paper straws and a pair of scissors. I bought straws at Lagerhaus and strings from TGR.  collar_bag_materialDIY: Cut each straw in 4 pieces. Cut 40 (each approximately 2 meter long). bag1Make 2 braids as long as you want your handles to be on the bag. Finnish the braids/handles with an ordinary knot but make shore it is tight and even before continuing.   bag2Start putting 1 straw on each two strings and make a knot on both sides of both of the braids (like in the picture above). Don´t do continue downwards yet! Make shore you work systematically… bag3Now connect each handle in the middle like in the picture above and continue by putting on straws on all of that ”row” like in the picture below.    bag4Then it is time to connect the two pieces of the bags like in the picture below…bag5

Repeat that on the last open side as well to close the bag and make it into ”a tube” with handles (open in the bottom). bag6This is what it should look like when you hold it in the air now. bag7Now you just have to continue putting on more straws and making knots until your bag is as long as you like it. Make shore to work your way down systematically and make one row at a time. Keep checking that you keep the form of a tube.   bag8 bag9Keep working your way down… When the bag is as long as you want it to be, it is time to make the finishing knot. This could be a bit tricky with all of the strings. You need to make shore to thigh the knot even and tightening it hard. If you are afraid that it should open you can secure it with just a little drop of super glue in a place where it does not show. bag10 bag11 bag12Last thing to do is to cut the finishing tassel even. Done – your paper straw bag is ready to be used. Lots of love! /Nina



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  1. wow så himla tjusigt och påhittigt- heja!

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